Dreaming While Listening to Music

I get to hear the music “boom boom boom… Ave Maria Morena.”

The joy it brings me along with the sunshine in the window.

Pianos playing, old men singing their hearts out.

Drums and more, setting the beat.

I can see myself somewhere else, in some type of movie, in Old Havana or Little Havana, Miami.

That’s the setting I envision.

It’s amazing how it takes me places.

It’s amazing how it can liven up my mood.

I envision how I would dance. I imagine it with anyone, random, and the moves we would do.

It would be so sensual and in tuned to each other.

I wouldn’t want to stop. I would want to dance and spin for as long as I could.

But I love it when I can hear this.

And I can thank my dad for his love for music; always playing it anywhere he went.

If I didn’t have that, I don’t know what life would be like.


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